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Customer Advisories in DebtKit are really fast and simple. But they're also completely unbiased, provide best advice and are Financial Conduct Authority compliant.

  • Compliant Process - The flow of an advisory in DebtKit is completely unbiased ensuring compliance.
  • Complete Control - Create and alter your own advisory scripts and checklists at any time.
  • Convenient Integrations - Instant integrations with standard financial guidelines and address finders.
Financial Conduct Authority Compliance

Financial Conduct Authority regulation has placed huge additional requirements and challenges on businesses in the debt management sector. If there wasn't enough to do to prepare for your compliance audit, the last thing your business has time to worry about is whether your current DM software complies.

Our system is fast, compliant and flexible. DebtKit provides pre-populated scripts to your advisors which can be easily changed at anytime. We also fully integrate with SFS, CFS and StepChange expenditure guidelines. DebtKit helps your advisors to give unbiased debt advice and produce documents for electronic or paper dispatch.

Advisory Scripts

To ensure that the best advice is given to your customers, DebtKit provides advisors with fully customisable, pre-populated scripts and checklists to help guide them through a compliant advisory.

The point at which DebtKit offers these scripts is also incredibly relevant. As your customer is guided each of the major debt solutions in DebtKit, not even the advisor knows which solution is best until the process is complete.

This means all the advice given is completely impartial.

Customer Details

Easily capture and store all customer details including contact details, occupation, dependents and living status. This information builds the dynamic flow of the rest of the advisory.


Store all information about the customer's creditors and how much they owe. You can also capture reference numbers and other useful information for each of these debts if you have this readily available, but it's not mandatory.

Income & Expenditure

Capture information about the customer's monthly income and spending. We also integrate the Standard Financial Statement, Common Financial Statement and StepChange guidelines to alert advisors if a customer is spending more than recommended.

Vehicles, Properties, Savings & Assets

If necessary, DebtKit can also capture detailed information about a customer's vehicles, properties, savings and any other assets they may own.

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