Extend DebtKit To The Next Level.

We believe in building a single, world-class platform for debt management businesses that uses best practice and industry standards to define the feature set. There are occasions when you may have very specific requirements for the platform that DebtKit may not cater for out of the box. That's where our powerful API and Webhooks come into play.

  • Automation - Automate key tasks such as the sending of messages and documents.
  • Workflows - Build custom workflows and logic to aid with the processing of leads and customers.
  • Actions - Create custom actions that execute when certain events are carried out in DebtKit.
Extend with API

The extensive, secure API we've developed for DebtKit creates new opportunities for developers and companies using DebtKit as their business platform. The growing API specification allows developers to build bespoke applications that integrate with the data in DebtKit. Essentially enabling businesses to have their own automation, workflows and functions built specifically for their needs.

Trigger with Webhooks

Webhooks are triggers that occur when a certain event occurs in DebtKit. Users can define their own webhook events effortlessly allowing custom actions to be carried out at specific times. For example, when an application is completed your webhook could download the standard documents and send them to a printing and postal service. The possibilities are truly endless!

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