A Fresh Way of Managing Client Funds.

DebtKit can keep a track on all financial transactions in and out of your debt management business. Everything from customer payments, creditor payments and refunds are stored in the system to aid in keeping a full financial history of your customer's accounts.

  • Explain Transactions - Upload bank statements to enable transactions to be linked to customer accounts.
  • Track Payments - Track the status of all expected incoming and outgoing payments.
  • Make Payments - Automatically disburse funds and export payments via BACS or Cheque.

The banking app allows you to track all transactions coming in and out your debt management business across multiple bank accounts. Assign transactions to expected customer and creditor payments.


The payments app allows you to create, track and export customer and creditor payments. It is deeply integrated with the banking app allowing you to track the status of all expected payments. Automatically create pro-rata creditor payments and export them via BACS or Cheque.

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