Powerful Reports That
Give You Answers.

In DebtKit, we don't regard an endless list of data as a powerful report, we class that as a data dump that goes nowhere to giving you the important answers you require. We prefer the approach of giving you a top-down visualisation of your business's performance allowing you to drill down to the finer details as and when you need them.

  • Dashboards - Get a realtime view of different KPIs with our fully visual, auto-refreshing dashboards.
  • List View - Everything is clickable! Drill-down into any report to see the full breakdown.
  • Build Your Own - Save reports and get answers in seconds just by using drop-down menus.

We provide dashboards for every stage of the customer's journey so you can instantly visualise different KPIs in your business process. Our Marketing dashboard gives you the full-screen view of what leads are coming in and more importantly, which leads are converting. Our Sales dashboard gives you an instant breakdown of packs out and back in a specific timeframe.

We also have standard dashboards for active customers, customer finances, reviews and compliance.

Build Your Own

Truly a stand-out feature in DebtKit. Any user can compile data from thousands of customer reconds and get instantaneous answers in seconds using Reporting in DebtKit. List View provides users with the flexibility to harness all customer data to drill-down to the key questions they have about the business.

Start building reports in seconds just by clicking drop-downs. Define what information you want and how you want it presented. Once you're happy with your report, save it for later, share it with colleagues or schedule it to be sent out via email to any recipient you choose.

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