Adding & Editing Creditors

Topic: Creating New Applications | Last Updated: 09/09/2015

The third section of an advisory is the entering of the applicant's creditors.

To Add a Creditor

To add a new creditor to the application, click the 'Add Creditor' button. You will then be asked to enter details about the creditor and the client's debt.

DebtKit remembers all the creditors you've entered before so if it's an existing creditor, you can simply choose it from the list. If not though, simply choose 'Add A New Creditor' from the drop-down list and enter the new creditor's name into the text box provided.

You will then be asked to choose if the debt is secured or unsecured, choose the appropriate type from the drop-down list provided.

In the balance field, enter the full amount the applicant owes this particular creditor. This is a mandatory field.

The final two fields are optional. If known by the applicant, you can choose to enter the monthly payment the creditor expects of the client and you can also enter a reference against the debt.

Once you've entered all the data for that creditor, click 'Add Creditor' and it will be added to the list.

Editing and Deleting Creditors

Once the creditor has been added to the list, you can delete it by clicking the 'Delete' button.

You can also edit the details for that creditor by clicking it's 'Edit' button.

The debts are totalled up and broken down into Secured and Unsecured.

Moving On...

This section takes approximately 2 minutes 27 seconds to complete on average according to our data. The next screen prompts you for the client's Income & Expenditure information. As soon as you're ready click 'Next' to move on.

To learn more about the income & Expenditure screen, click here.