Altering Advisory Scripts

Topic: Options | Last Updated: 17/02/2014

When a user is taking an advisory using DebtKit, they are prompted to explain the multiple solutions that could be available to them.

DebtKit provides scripts to the advisors to provide them with pointers about the advantages and disadvantages to each solution.

You can alter these scripts and pointers to include your own information at any time.

Altering an Advisory Script

To begin altering the scripts, go to Options on the menu. And if necessary click 'Advisory' on the submenu.

Select the Advisory you wish to edit in the list and then click the 'Edit' button which will appear above the list.

You will then be presented with a textbox where you can enter your own text which will be presented to all advisors during the taking of a new application.

Simply type in the text of your own script, edit the existing script or copy and paste a new version script into the textbox

Once you're happy, click 'Edit Advisory' to save your new text.