Topic: General | Last Updated: 17/10/2013

DebtKit has the ability to store events and meeting in a global office calendar. These events can be attached to a particular application and even a particular DebtKit user.

Adding an Event

To add an event, go to the 'Calendar' page in DebtKit and click the desired date in the calendar.

You will be asked to enter a description for the event and will also be given the option to assign that event to a particular application, by entering it's Application Reference.

You can also assign it to another DebtKit user, they will be notified of this on the day of the event when they sign into DebtKit.

As soon as your happy, click 'Save' to add the event to your calendar.

Subscribing with iCal

iCal is a format that works with the majority of desktop and mobile calendar applications. By subscribing with iCal you will see all your event appear on your third-party calendars in realtime.

To get started just click the 'Subscribe with iCal' link on the Calendar page in DebtKit.

If your browser detects a compatible calendar on your device it will immediately open that application and subscribe it to the DebtKit calendar.

Alternatively you will be given a link you can enter on your third-party calendar to subscribe.