Completing the Advisory

Topic: Creating New Applications | Last Updated: 17/03/2014

This section of the process, is the final step in the advisory. This is where you advise the applicant on their best suited solution.


DebtKit asks you to confirm which product is the best solution for them based on their requirement.

You may also be shown a series of items on a checklist to ensure that everything has been fully explained to the customer. Once you've explained one of the points, choose "Explained" from the drop-down menu beside it.


If there is a payment schedule option attached to the product, you can choose the desired payment schedule at this point. This will display information about the payments will be required to make and details about any fees collected during the plan.

You can then choose to setup a Payment Schedule to let DebtKit know to expect incoming payments from the customer at a point in the future. If you do choose to do this now, DebtKit will ask you for a first payment date and a payment frequency. If not, you can always setup a payment schedule later.

If a plan is estimated to last longer than 120 months, DebtKit will also ask you to provide a reason for why this is the case.


You can also choose to update the stage and status of the application at this point. If you wish to do so, choose "Yes" from the "Update Stage Now" option.

You can now pick the new stage and status of the application.

Moving On...

This section takes approximately 2 minutes 18 seconds to complete on average according to our data. To complete the application click 'Next'.