Create and Manage Creditors

Topic: Options | Last Updated: 17/02/2014

Creditors are usually created by advisors during the Advisory process but they can all be managed in the 'Options' app.

Create A Creditor

To get started go to the 'Options' app on the main menu and click 'Creditors' on the submenu.

Click 'New Creditor' in the top-right of the screen to create a new account.

Enter the name of the creditor in the 'Company Name' textbox.

You can also enter a phone number, email address and address of the creditor to aid with any creditor queries later on.

Once your happy click 'Add Creditor' in the bottom-right of the screen.

Editing Creditors

To edit a creditor, select it from the list and click the 'Edit' button which will appear above the list.

You can also store multiple BACS payment methods for each creditor by clicking 'Add Account' under 'BACS Payment Methods'.

Enter an Account Name, Account Number and Sort Code for the payment method, and click 'Add Account' once you are happy.