Create and Manage Users

Topic: Options | Last Updated: 17/02/2014

DebtKit allows you to create multiple users so they can sign in, take advisories and manage applications.

Create A New User

To begin managing users, go to Options on the menu. Click 'Users' on the submenu.

To add a new user, click the 'New User' button in the top-right of the screen.

You are then required to enter their name and email address.

You should also choose which features of DebtKit the user can use, ticking a feature will allow them full access to that area of DebtKit.

Click 'Add User' button in the bottom-right of the screen to add the user.

They will then be emailed a link to the new user to enable them to sign into DebtKit along with their username and a randomly generated password.

Editing and Deleting Existing Users

You can also edit and delete existing users by selecting the user in the list and clicking the appropriate button that will appear above the list.