Creating A New Customer

Topic: Creating New Applications | Last Updated: 17/03/2014

You can create a new customer in DebtKit from anywhere by clicking "New Lead" in the main menu.


DebtKit asks for very brief contact details for a customer to get you started. You are required to provide a title, first name, surname and phone number for the new customer. You can choose the phone number type from the drop-down menu. You can also provide an email address if the customer has one.


Under the "Lead" section, DebtKit quickly asks you for an Introducer and Product Type for the new customer.

If you are not aware of the source of this particular lead, you can leave the Introducer field as "Unassigned", this can be changed at anytime.

If you have global access to DebtKit, you will also be asked to assign the lead to an advisor. You can choose to assign the lead to a specific advisor or choose "Auto-Assign" to have DebtKit fairly distribute the lead to a particular user. If you don't have global access to DebtKit, the lead will be automatically assigned to you.

You may already be aware of the type of product which this lead relates to, you can choose to assign the customer that product now or you can leave it as "Unassigned" to allow for it to be decided later.

Starting Point

For most new customers, the starting point of a lead will be "Fresh". You can change this though by picking an alternative starting stage and status using the provided drop-down menus.

Creating the Customer and Starting the Advisory

Once you're happy click the green "Add Lead" button in the bottom-right of the screen to create the new customer. You will be taken directly to the Timeline view so you can work with the customer.

To begin their full advisory, click the "Switch To Advisory" button in the top-right of the screen to be taken directly to the advisory view.