Exporting Standard Documents

Topic: Managing Existing Applications | Last Updated: 17/02/2014

All customer applications in DebtKit have accompanying documents which may need to be sent to client by post or email.

To get started find the existing application in DebtKit. To learn more about the best ways to search for existing applications, click here.

Once you've opened the application, choose 'Documents' on the submenu.

This will list the different standard documents which are available to send out to the customer.

Exporting a document as a PDF

Clicking on one of the standard documents will open the letter in a new windows as a PDF. You can then choose to save the PDF or print it for forwarding onto the client.

Emailing a document as a PDF

If the client provided an email address during the advisory, you will also be given the option to email any of the standard documents as an attached PDF.

To do this, click the green email icon next to the appropriate standard document.

The standard document PDF will be attached to the email message. You can change the subject line and the body of the email message.

As soon as you are happy, click the green send icon.