Fact Finding Questions

Topic: Creating New Applications | Last Updated: 09/09/2015

The second screen of the new application process is all about asking those important questions that will lay out the course for the rest of the advisory. We ask for information about employment status, assets, living status and the people living in the client's home.


The first section asks you to identify the client's employment status. There are several options to choose from in the drop-down. If the client does have a form of employment, you will also be asked to enter an Occupation. If you are entering a joint application, you will also be asked for the client's employment details.


You will then be asked to enter the number of vehicles the client has and identify if they have any Investment Properties or Other Assets. If you choose 'Yes' for any of these questions or enter that the client has a vehicle, you will be asked about them later on in the advisory. All these fields are mandatory.

Residential Property

We then need information on the client's Living Status, you can choose 'Homeowner', 'Renting' or 'Living with Parents' from the drop-down list.

If you choose 'Renting' or 'Living with Parents' you will be asked to confirm their rent is up-to-date or how much the client owes and details of their landlord.

If you choose 'Homeowner' then you will be asked to provide more information on the client's property including data such as the Purchase Date, Value, Lender etc.


DebtKit also needs to know about any dependents the client has. To add a new dependent to the application, click 'Add Dependent'. You will then be asked for the dependent's name, age and if they are in full-time education. We use this information later on to manage the client's monthly expenditure.


We will finally ask you to add any further people to the client's household if necessary. The client is automatically added and if it's a joint application you're creating the partner will also be automatically added. To add a new person to the household, simply click 'Add to Household'. You will be asked for that person's name, age and their relationship to the applicant. Again this helps us later on manage the client's monthly expenditure.

Moving On...

This section takes approximately 57 seconds on average according to our data. Once you've completed everything required on this page, click 'Next' to move to the next section where you will be asked to explain the client's options to them. You don't need to decide what their solution is just yet but this provides advisors with an unbiased method of explaining every single option to the client before taking further details about the client's financials. After you've explained their details you will be asking the client for information on their Creditors.

To learn more about the Creditors screen, click here.