Finding Existing Applications

Topic: Managing Existing Applications | Last Updated: 17/03/2014

Once you have entered an application into DebtKit, it will be stored for you so you can alter it at a later date.

The chosen solution of the application will determine where it appears with DebtKit.

You can search for the application in a number of way within DebtKit.


You can search for a lead or application using the Search facility on the DebtKit Overview page.

Enter an application reference or the client's name to be shown a list of results.

Chase Lists

For all Debt Management and IVA applications, DebtKit breaks the list up into stages which can be viewed from the DebtKit Overview page as shown below.

Listed under each stage will be all the applications that are currently at that stage in the system. Click a stage to view it's list of applications.


You can also list all the applications by their chosen solution by going to the More section of the side menu (shown by three dots at the bottom of the side menu) and choosing the solution from the list.

You can also view the Dead Applications here.