Managing Bank Accounts

Topic: Options | Last Updated: 17/02/2014

You can create a reference to multiple bank account for your business in DebtKit so we can manage the incoming and outgoing transactions.

Create A Bank Account

To get started go to the 'Options' app on the main menu and click 'Banking' on the submenu.

Click 'New Bank Account' in the top-right of the screen to create a new account.

Enter the name of the bank account in the 'Account Name' textbox.

Enter the account number of the bank account in the 'Account Number' textbox.

Enter the sort code of the bank account in the 'Sort Code' textbox.

Enter the opening balance of the bank account in the 'Opening Balance' textbox.

Once you're happy to create the bank account, click 'Add Bank Account' in the bottom-right of the screen.

Editing and Deleting Bank Accounts

To edit or delete a bank account, select it from the list and click the appropriate button which will appear above the list.

Deleting a bank account, won't delete all of it's data it will just hide it away so no new data can be added to it.