Personal & Partner Details

Topic: Creating New Applications | Last Updated: 09/09/2015

The first set of data required for a new application is all about the client personal details. This covers areas such as contact details, date of birth and their marital status. It also offers you an opportunity to add their Partner's details if you are creating a joint application.


You are first asked to assign an Introducer to the application. Choose one from the drop-down list or if you are unsure choose 'To Be Allocated'. You can always come back and change this at anytime later.

You will also be asked if you are creating a Joint Application or not. If you are, choose 'Yes' from the drop-down list.


You then will be required to enter the client's title, first names and surnames. These are all mandatory fields.


The Contact section allows you to enter phone numbers and an email address for your client. An email address is optional but we require at least one phone number. If the client does provide you with an email address, you will have the option to email them their documents later on.


You are now required to enter an address. You can search for their full address by simply entering a house number or name and a postal code. As soon as you've entered that click 'Find Address' and we will enter the rest of the details required. If you need to alter the address you can do by simply typing in the textboxes.


You are then required to enter the client's date of birth, confirm their UK citizenship and their Marital Status. All of these fields are mandatory.

Partner's Details

If you chose that this was a Joint Application earlier, you will also be asked to enter details for the client's Partner. This includes their name, date of birth and contact details. Again an email address is optional but at least one phone number is required.

Moving On...

Our data shows it takes approximately 1 minute 43 seconds on average to complete this screen. As soon as you've entered all the required data, click 'Next' to move on to the Facts screen. You may be prompted to correct some of the fields, if so not to worry the areas you need to correct will be highlighted red for you.

To learn more about the Facts screen, click here.