Sending Messages

Topic: Managing Existing Applications | Last Updated: 17/02/2014

If a customer has provided an email address or mobile phone number, you can send them custom or template messages from directly from DebtKit.

Sending a Message

To send a message to a customer, open the appropriate application in DebtKit and click 'Messages' on the submenu.

Click on the Write Box to begin composing your new text or email message.

You can choose from pre-defined template messages by choosing one from the 'Template' drop-down menu. Or you can just choose to compose a new custom message.

Depending on which contact methods are available, you have the option to send your message via text or email.

Sometimes Text Message may not be available, even if the customer has provided a mobile phone number. This is because your DebtKit Account needs topping up with SMS credits. Speak to your administrator about doing this.

If you are sending your message via email, you can also alter the subject in the textbox provided.

You can alter the body of your message in the textbox provided. If you've chosen a template message, this will be pre-populated with a message for you which you can alter.

Once you are happy with your message, click the green send icon and it will be sent to the customer immediately.